Center for the Development of Technological Units


Dr. Mohammad Ali Mirzaei Khalil Abadi


The Development Center or Incubator is an instrument for economic progress, which is founded to support educated entrepreneurs and by providing general facilities and accommodations facilitates the development of new corporations. Using the development centers is currently considered as an accepted tool for transforming creativity and scientific and research-based achievements to the products which can be presented to the market and enhance the level of entrepreneurship. Center for the development of technological units provide the infrastructure and supporting services for the reduction of risks in the inauguration of these newly developed corporations so that they can progress and reach their scientific and technological-based economic objectives. The results of supporting these newly developed scientific corporations are as follow:

-Real occupation opportunities for the university graduates

-Enhancing the industrial situation of the country by injecting scientific-based ideas and thus increasing the competitive capacities of the national industry with foreign competitors

- Providing money and financial investments to the universities for supporting the research by commercializing the results of the studies conducted in the development centers

The development centers provide two time periods for the applicants who intend to work with the development center: Pre-development period: It lasts for about six months in which the talented individuals and groups receive the necessary counselling service and adequate training to become familiar with the market, complete their working schedule, establishing their working idea and creating an independent legal identity.

The Development period which lasts for three years and the technological units in the development center are given the opportunity to transform their main idea to the products and services that can be offered to the consuming market and become ready to enter the competitive market.

Establishing a development center for technological units in Hormozgan University was initiated based on the previous experiences and capabilities of the university in various scientific domains and it started its work in 1386. The development center of Hormozgan University by providing the required facilities and services to people with new ideas and small and medium-sized newly developed corporations has reduced their starting expenses and reduces the risk of failure. In addition, by arranging and providing various courses and offering various counselling services (in management, marketing, legal and technical) compensate for their structural and systemic weaknesses and pave the way for the development of ideas and their commercialization.



Based on the responsibilities of the Development Center in enhancing the level of knowledge and developing technology based on the needs of the province and based on the importance of this issue, the development center besides the following priorities welcomes and supports any technological ideas or plans:

1. Development and application of Nano technology in the province

2. New technologies in marine industries such as shipbuilding and fisheries industries

3. Renewable energy

4. Water harvesting and management

5. Metal Industries (Steel, Aluminum, etc.)

6. Energy efficiency

7. Reverse Engineering

8. Design and manufacture of laboratory equipment (especially university equipment)

9. Passive Defense