Department of Biology of the Sea

Narges Amrollahi Biqui, Biology of Sea Animals


The Department of Biology of the Sea is one of the biology subfields that focuses on recognizing aquatic, marine and ocean ecosystems and studying aquatic animals and aquatic plants from different aspects and perspectives.

In this science, marine organisms from the smaller ones (phytoplanktons) to the most massive creatures of the planet (whales) are to be studied.

Considering the priority and importance of aquatic marine and aquaculture studies in the country, the undergraduate major in the field of biology of sea was established at the University of Hormozgan in 2004, and has been attracting students since then.

The group started accepting master students (sea animals and marine ecology) since 2006 and the subfield of sea crops began in 1395.

After gaining successful experience in these courses, the Department of Biology of the Sea since 2011 has been recruiting Ph.D. students in the field of Biology of the Sea.

The group has 8 full time faculty and the number of undergraduate, postgraduate and postgraduate students is 242, 71, and 2, respectively.

Faculty Members:

Dr Narges Amrollahi Biuki

Dr. Mostafa Yousef Zadi

Dr. Mohammad Sharif Ranjbar

Dr. Mohammad Reza Taherizadeh

Dr. Ahmad Homaei

Dr. Moosa Keshavarz

Dr. Adnan Shahdadi


Engineer Hadi Dehghani