Department of Non-biologic Atmospheric and oceanic Sciences

Maryam Rah Bani, Assistant Professor of Marine Physics

The Department of Non-biology atmospheric Science and Oceanography welcomes students in three undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees. At the undergraduate degree in Oceanography, which was the first group presented in Iran, students will receive all basic oceanic materials, including physics, chemistry, land, economics, environment and management. Upon completion of this course, students will be prepared to work in all marine centers as a core expert. They also get the base for a master's degree in marine engineering.

At the undergraduate and Ph.D. level, the group accepts students in two subfields of marine physics and meteorology. The group, which enjoys from highly knowledgeable professors specializing in these fields as well as being in proximity to the Persian Gulf, has a great potential for training students specializing in these two subfields.

The colleagues of this group include two faculty members with meteorological expertise and four faculty members with a degree in marine physics and a master's degree specializing in marine structures.


The most important activities and programs done:

Conducting a Dynamic Fluid Conference in 2012

Over 80% of Undergraduate Students are accepted in MA programs


Goals, plans and perspectives:


Considering Bandar Abbas coastal capability and group power in marine sciences and meteorology, the group intends to expand its activities in the Persian Gulf area. Also, conducting activities in the Makran area is among other goals of the group.