1.      Hormoz Study and Research Center

Head: Dr. Ali Rezaei Latifi


Hormoz Research Center was established in 1375 as an intra-organizational complex of Hormozgan University in order to match and respond to changes and needs of society and to organize and solve its challenges and participate in global competition in the production and development of knowledge. It targets and organizes research activities and embarks on the development of technology based on the mission of the university in two related areas: social, cultural and economic and technical- engineering. And from that date onwards, in all the above-mentioned areas and, based on scientific and regional capabilities, it has been conducting comprehensive works with an approach towards the efficiency and application of theoretical and scientific dimensions of research.  This center prosecutes the following missions and objectives:

Missions and Objectives:

- Strengthening the development of the necessary grounds for the development of higher education in the province with a view to the results of scientific activity in the form of responsive approaches for comprehensive and balanced development.

- Assisting in the development and research in the university and community and promoting the level of knowledge and skills related to research in faculty members, staff and graduate students.

- Supplying research needs of executive agencies, state and non-governmental organizations and enterprises. –


-Providing scientific and technical consulting services in connection with researches to domestic and foreign applicants

- Establishing an appropriate relationship and coordination with competent specialists in the other scientific and research centers of the country and abroad with the aim of mutual co-operation

- Prospects for achieving a high degree of research and participation in national and global regional arenas based on knowledge-based activities


-Increasing the productivity of researchers and the effectiveness of their activities in developing the knowledge of the country in the social arena, and encouraging researchers to have a research-based approach that will further enhance the scientific and problematizing level of researchers.