Graduate studies management was inaugurated in 1379 (2000) in order to develop graduate programs at MA and PhD levels and to increase the capabilities of students in increasing the number of scientific productions. The main activities of this unit are as follow:

Educational activities:

-Registering the graduate level students

-Analyzing the educational documents of the graduate students

-Examining the requests for leave of absence, extra time education, giving up and return to education, transfer of foreign scholarship to Iranian universities based on the approved rules and regulations

-Preparing the reports about educational status of the students to be presented to the educational board, graduate studies board and special case commissions/committees

-Examining and dong the required procedures for the transfer of students

-Reporting guest students’ grades

-Issuing internal circular letters and sending them to various faculties based on the sanctioned regulations of the graduate board of the university

-Issuing GPA certificate for the students


Graduation activities

-Providing a dismissing certificate for students and their payment procedures

-Receiving the graduation certificate and grades of the students form the previous programs

-Informing the military service organization about the graduation of students


Other activities:

- Cooperation in the development and inauguration of new majors at the graduate level

-Cooperation in sending the suggested educational plans to the related ministry

-Assigning a placement capacity for the acceptance of students at the graduate level to the testing educational Organization

-Providing a report of yearly performance

-Doing the works about the establishment of new fields of studies from preparing the documents to doing the required correspondences with the secretariat of educational development to receive the authorized permit

-Doing the works of students who have not passed their military service and are using educational exemption

-Developing and publishing a document about the writing and development of the dissertations and providing a manual about the basics of writing dissertations

-Preparing a file of the number of graduate students and sending it to the related units

-Cooperating with Iranian Scientific Documentation center in sending a version of the thesis and abstracts of the graduates