Regarding the necessity of monitoring and evaluating scientific, educational and research centers in each province, it is one of the affiliated government agencies which directs and conducts monitoring, evaluation and quality assurance of the educational processes of that province. One university is elected based on the suggestion of the head of the center and approval of the council, with due regard to the service and comprehensiveness. The Provincial Council is set up at an elected university and works with other universities whose orders are issued by the head of the center and are the main sponsor of the supervision, assessment and quality assurance of higher education institutes, research and technology in the province.


The most important activities and programs done:

- Preparing a plan for the monitoring and evaluation from the University of Hormozgan

- Establishing visiting committees and conducting annual periodical visits from universities and higher education institutions and submitting a visit report to the Secretariat of the Supervisory Council

- Receiving complaints received from the Higher Education Centers and considering it

-Avoidance of unauthorized activities of provincial higher education institutions

- Holding regular meetings of provincial councils

- Establishment of specialized working groups to set up specific tasks in order to implement monitoring and evaluation programs, as well as to review the causes of the visit report and to investigate the complaints received.


Ranking 9th in Country Ranking of Monitoring and Evaluation Groups

Goals, plans and perspectives:

- Identifying the educational strengths and weaknesses of the province and its challenges and opportunities

-Evaluating and improving the quality of input components and enhancing the outsourcing process of the Ministry of Science and Research and Technology

-Identification and implementation of quality assurance indicators in educational agents, technology, research and students affairs

- establishing a monitoring and evaluation culture and quality assurance in the higher education system

- Ensuring the accountability of the higher education system to the internal and external stakeholders


- Development of the ability of institutions to monitor and evaluate their activities and achieve self-assessment position