Leila Farhadpour, Monitoring and Evaluation

The monitoring and evaluation office is run by having a boss and two employees. One performs the work of the Provincial Supervisory and Evaluation Board and the other supervises the activities of the faculty members and conducts the information and evaluation process and the issuance of a certificate of assessment of faculty members for the conversion of their status


Important activities:

-Typing and archiving of letters from the office and the secretariat

-Coordinating the meetings of the Board of Governors and the meetings of the provincial council as well as the meetings of the working groups, including the work of the Payam Noor, Islamic Azad University, Applied Scientific, Technical and Professional, nonprofit and non-governmental organizations, government departments and ...

-Holding workshops for university professors

-Controlling the website and the launch of the Office of Monitoring and Evaluation website

-Controlling ERP that comes from the Office of Quality Assurance of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Research


Goals and plans

The purpose of the office is to check classes in order to improve the quality of teachers' teaching and to have high educational qualifications in the university.


The provincial council is conducted by the supervisory staff of Hormozgan University and inspects the universities and provincial institutions to better manage their affairs and solve the problems of the institutions and units of education in Hormozgan province.