The secretariat of the Board of Trustees of Hormozgan University started its activity in December 2004.

Since 2004, there have been 24 meetings of the Board of Trustees, 24 meetings of the Standing Committee and 4 meetings of the Board of Trustees. The most important resolutions of these meetings include:

1. Approval of the internal regulations of the Board of Trustees and the instructions of the Standing Committee

2- Determining the condition of corporate forces

3- License for the construction of dormitories for boys and girls

4. Approval of the construction of a multipurpose welfare complex on campus

5. Agree to establish an international university unit

6. Writing the regulations and chart of the center of technology and development

7. Establishment of the Faculty of Marine Science and Technology

8. Reviewing and approving the Islamic Education Group chart

9. Detailed organizational structure of Faculty of Agriculture

10. Formation of an independent cultural and social deputy

11. Review and agree with the establishment of regional research institutes for coastal desert and mangrove forests

12. Agree with the launch of campus number 2

13. Creating and implementing new training groups

14. Approve the University's Strategic Plan

And adopting more than 20 guidelines and regulations, most notably:

1- Principles and financial and educational regulations for night time and second turn students

2- Requiring the use of research credentials

3. Establishing regulations of faculty members and non-academic staff

4. Regulations on the promotion of faculty members

5. Financial and Trading Regulations

6. The Code of Administrative and Organizational Organization

7. Rules of the Central Laboratory and .....