Hadis Salmani, Master of Executive Management, head of presidential office

Important activities:

Addressing the issues handed down by the head of the university

Tackling some Student Affairs

Holding university courses and seminars of the head of university

Cooperation with other departments and faculties and other university assistants

Setting the schedule for internal and external meetings of the University head

Tracking issues and problems of employees, and in particular, contributing colleagues in order to resolve their problem

Setting up external meetings (scheduling work plan) for Head of the university

Purchasing Airline tickets for meetings of the head of university

Setting the time for university head to attend for radio and television interviews and press

Supervision of the required repairs to the head office

Keep track of historic and important letters

Control the client's going and coming to the presidential office and establish calmness in the environment

Coordinating with the driver of head of the university for meetings

Supervise the purchase for head office

Having appropriate treatment with the clients and guests

Goals and Schedules:

Speeding ​​up the office affairs of the university

Creating relaxation in the environment (appropriate treatment with the client)

Cooperation and interaction with the executive directors of the province