Talented students’ Affairs Group

This group deals with outstanding students and brilliant talents. This office provides students with material and moral support. Its main tasks are as follows:

- Review and conduct the studies and researches of the Board of Directors of Talent and bring the views of the Advisory Expert to the Council

- Establishment of plans, programs and regulations for the realization of the goals and duties of the Board of Directors of Talent

- Establishment of a plan of work and the ordering of the meetings and plenary sessions of the Council for the guidance of brilliant talents

- The monitoring and controlling the system on the implementation of the resolutions of the Board of Directors of Talent and conducting an assessment of the results of their implementation and the presentation of relevant reports

- Review and study on brilliant talent identification methods

- Review and develop educational and research programs to blossom brilliant talents

- Provide counseling and information services to talented students

-Medical and spiritual support of brilliant talents

-Distribution of credits for brilliant talents to colleges, research institutes and academic associations for implementing talent brightening programs

- Submitting a yearly performance report to the brilliant talent council

-Accomplishing other tasks assigned by the supreme authority