Educational office manages the students' educational affairs in the University and has accomplished and established the following:

-Management of educational rules and regulations and their optimal use

-Consultation and cooperation for the quantitative and qualitative improvement of educational issues in the University

-Strategic planning and management of educational challenges in the University

-Secretariat of educational board and its selected committee in the University

Overview of Performances


Some of the works and plans conducted:

-Updating the website of educational affairs management

-Improving the server of educational system

-Facilitating the electronic registration of presence and attendance of students in the classes

-Electronic management of the weekly presence of instructors in the university

-Determining the validity of educational lesson plans

-Establishing a bank of educational lesson plans identification number

-Entering the semester programs and general courses in Golestan system

-Controlling the criteria and standards for the end of the semester exams in terms of students and instructors’ responsibilities

-Developing a plan for the execution of exams

-Facilitating the electronic control of entrepreneurship office on the apprenticeship program of the students

-Facilitating the students’ job in their requests for deleting the semester, leave of absence, registration and confirmation of apprenticeship, reevaluation of test results and online (distance) registration of students

-Modernizing the factors, elements and influential structures for enhancing the quality of initial registration, selection, deletion and addition of units for improving the monitoring role of the accountants and increasing the students’ responsibility

-Developing a manual for executive educational regulations and procedures

-Developing policies for reducing the extent of errors in educational affairs


Current works:

-Using an electronic service for the students’ graduation requirements

-Creating a bank of educational spaces in the university

-Presenting the lesson plans and courses in the webpage of each college

Future plans:

-facilitating the electronic request for graduation certificate

-Enhancing the issues related to the works of guest lectures and their payments

-Establishing a public service center at the time of registration